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The experience of playing games means more to me than most other experiences. I love to share with others as well. I hope that, by sharing my games with you, you'll have enriching experiences you'd not have otherwise.


Hirelings is a game about the crew of assistants hired by the kind of so-called heroes you’d find in a game of high fantasy adventure, an examination of the abusive relationship between employers and employees when life and treasure are on the line.

Imagine being shoved forward into a dark, cavernous room with only a torch in your hand to light the way, maybe towards gruesome monsters, deadly traps, or piles of gold while armed, competent adventurers wait to see what happens next.  You’ll get the idea of the life of a hireling.

Hirelings is available as a Pocketmod, a foldable booklet made from one sheet of Letter-sized paper, or in a more standard digital format – your choice.

Download Hirelings in Pocketmod format. (pdf; updated 17 October 2013)
Folding instructions at

Download Hirelings in the more standard digital format. (pdf; updated 17 October 2013)