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Welcome to YepNix GameCraft, home of Blom,HirelingsStorybox, and more.

The experience of playing games means more to me than most other experiences. I love to share with others as well. I hope that, by sharing my games with you, you'll have enriching experiences you'd not have otherwise.


Storybox is a open-genre storytelling game about a group of characters bound by a desire, where players draw random objects from a box to determine key points of the story's setup and scenes. Structured in the vein of Fiasco or Archipelago, the game follows a tried-and-true format while mixing it up a bit in terms of inspiration for the tale to be told with the objects drawn.

Storybox is currently being privately playtested, though there are plans for a public playtest document. If you'd like more information, don't hesitate to contact me.